Life at
Harel Mallac

Within Harel Mallac, You Make a Difference.

We are an equal opportunity employer who believes in developing the talents working for us and empowering them to fulfill their true potential. Joining us will give you the opportunity to grow within a vibrant and diverse culture enriched by trust and a strong sense of belonging.

Our Employee
Value Proposition

We Strive to do Right

We believe in doing the right thing in the present, but also for the future of our business, the community and the country. It means we innovate for the benefit of our consumers and stakeholders, and strive to uphold the trust they put in us to deliver the right products and solutions. Our business conduct is governed by universal principles of transparency, ethics and equity, and guides the way we engage with all our stakeholders.

We Want you to Succeed

We strive to unlock the potential of our employees so that they can feel part of something larger than themselves. We provide challenging work experiences, and opportunities to learn and grow to our teams and empower them to realise their personal ambitions. We recognise employee progress and contributions through meaningful performance related reward mechanisms.

We Encourage a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

We celebrate diversity and welcome employees with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and passions. Together, we build an inclusive and energising workplace where ideas can be shared openly, and where collaboration and creativity are encouraged.