Novengi will kick start 2018 on  good notre with the recently awarded contract for the supply of 14 port terminal tractors and 14 trailers to Cargo Handling Corporation Limited (CHCL).

Credit for this success goes to Novengi’s team, lead by Guy Michel Thélémaque and to Novengi’s partners for this contract, Teberg from Netherlands for the tractors and dutch Lanka for trailers who are both renowned leaders in their fields for performance and reliability.

This contract represents not only a boost in revenue of Rs 94 millions for Novengi but also a ground to position itself as a leading supplier of port trailers and tractors in the African region.

Photo: Charles Harel is surrounded by representatives of Harel Mallac and Cargo Handling Corporation after the signature ceremony. From left to right: Eric George (Financial Controller – Novengi), Sanjaye Paddia (Officer in Charge – CHC), Charles Harel (CEO – Harel Mallac), Christine Nguyen – Thac Lam (COO HM Equipment & Systems Division), Guy-Michel Telemaque (Sales Manager – Novengi) and Raj Rugjee (Head of Procurement – CHC).