Last Saturday, some 200 employees of the Group joined for a trail in the south of Mauritius. Although the experience was primarily meant to raise awareness on the importance of practicing exercise, spending time outdoor and enjoy the natural sceneries that our island offers, they mostly enjoyed spending quality time together!

The trail started at Savannah Sugar Estate where they met early morning, and rolled out on as an 8km walk through ilot Brocus, le Bouchon and ending at La Cambuse. Pictures of the wonderful landscapes are below.

For the Better of our People

This “Randonée dans le Sud Sauvage” trail was organised by the Health& Safety and Harel Mallac Sports & wellness Commitee, in the context of Harel Mallac’s Health & Safety Awareness Campaign 2019, which lasts from April to June 2019. The campaign is a yearly happening in the People calendar of Harel Mallac, and all Business Units participate through different activities promoting healthy living and safety in the workplace. This year’s theme – “ Embracing Healthier Lifestyle” – was designed to target at the core of employees wellbeing through different activities that are being deployed across the group, such as exercise, nutrition, yoga & meditation, health check-ups and stress management workshops.

Watch this space to discover more about what Harel Mallac does for the Better of its People!