Pascal Boris C.B.E. graduated from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), Paris, from the New York University Stem Institute and from the London Business School. He had a rich 40 year career in international banking with The Chase Manhattan Bank and Paribas (later BNP Paribas) in Paris, New York, London and Geneva. He is now an active business angel with a portfolio of early stage companies in France, the USA, the UK and Israel. Pascal Boris C.B.E. is the joint founding President of Le Cercle d’Outre-Manche and the honorary President of the French Chamber of Great Britain. He was first appointed to the Board of Directors of Harel Mallac & Co. Ltd on 4 October 2017.
Skills/Expertise: Strategy and Execution, Change Management, Talent Management, Corporate Governance, Financial Structuring.
Other Directorships (listed Companies): None.